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Technicolor for Industrial Films

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Technicolor for Industrial Films

Published ca. 1949

Film promoting use of Technicolor process to industrial film producers.

Run time 8:09
Producer Technicolor Corporation
Sponsor N/A
Audio/Visual Sd, C


Technicolor Color Birds Food Groceries Packaging Cigarettes Linoleum Consumerism Drinks Beverages Containers
Technicolor motion pictures in full, natural color are available for use in the industrial motion picture field using the same skilled personnel, facilities and processing as are used in Technicolor studio features. [Technicolor for Industrial Films main titles]
All the well-known everyday scenes, settings, and backgrounds for industrial pictures take on added interest and appeal when photographed in Technicolor. At the harbor, along the railroad, a factory or a busy street, they all have added eye appeal, have more attention value, in Technicolor. [harbors fishing boats sailboats water steam locomotives railroads trains railroad yards workers tanks engines boxcars viaducts bridges transportation First Street Bridge, Los Angeles pillars infrastructure]
This, a comparatively new medium for advertising combines quality, increased value and realism with action to motion picture advertising. Technicolor prints are available in both 16 millimeter and 35 millimeter sizes. [red trucks Coast Egg Products transportation streets oil wells derricks petroleum extraction pumping smokestacks refineries steam smoke industry marketing]
Nature is lavish in her use of color. Smart manufacturers are using more and more color in their products to make them beautiful as well as useful. [parrots tropical birds feathers spreading wings transitions colors red yellow blue]
The new streamlined plastics present a colorful array. The great range of hues and shades in plastic products presents a challenge for reproduction that is easily met. [plastics colors]
The beautiful glossy sheen and luster of colorful modern rayons are strikingly shown. Plaids and color patterns can be shown in their true value only by using color. Texture, weave, and pattern of woolen fabrics are reproduced in color so accurately that a film could be used to replace the sample books of salesmen. [textiles synthetics hands swatches swatchbooks]
The delicate differences in textures of drapery materials between glossy or soft matte surfaces are clearly shown. [hands]
In canned goods, groceries and food products, color identifies the package. And quick and added recognition is the result. How flat and uninteresting these packages would look in black and white photography. Would you like to see? All right, young lady with the magic cloth, show us. There. How flat and uninteresting. So back we go to full color and the realistic package that we all know so well. [foods packaging package design Spam Heinz Lipton Jello Jell-o Campbell Soup Crisco Gold Metal Flour Fig Newtons Baker's cocoa Aunt Jemima pancake mix Dreft Maxwell House coffee Kraft Lux soap Ivory Snow Lifebuoy Selox hands fingers pointing transitions monochrome monochromatic colorized colorization tricks special effects special efx]
The humble vinegar bottle makes a sparkling gem of color. Package and product identification. The golden brown flakes of cereal products are readily identified. [bottles ketchup catsup hands Heinz rice flakes Post Toasties corn flakes cereal Bisquick biscuit mix Kellogg's Rice Krispies Honey Maid Graham Crackers Oreo cookies Softasilk cake mix pouring wasting food]
Beverages are ideal for display in color. Whether or not the liquid is brightly colored, it has a sparkle and a convincing quality. [pouring red soft drinks sodas tonics]
[soap bars Lux cleanliness hygiene hands washing sensuousness cosmetics red turntables makeup]
Delicate pastel shades in soap products and soap cakes are faithfully shown in Technicolor. Many different shades of lipstick are manufactured. Though photographically these differences are very small, yet the Technicolor process accurately separates these colors.
This assortment of Milady's toilet articles, rouge, lipstick, powder, soap and perfumes illustrates the quality and texture that real three-color reproduction brings to these attractive objects. [turntables cosmetics makeup]
A lady selects her makeup to suit her evening gown and the differences in shades of color in the rouge are illustrated. The beauty of rich sparkling sheer glass is enhanced in color. [cosmetics makeup hands domestic workers Black workers African Americans maids servants uniforms mirrors women compacts]
Any color distortion or degrading would be instantly recognized. Color enhances the beauty of these settings and in Technicolor it's possible to capture the full range of colors in nature, whether it's cigarettes or something else you have to sell. Any picture using a natural outdoor setting is greatly improved if portrayed in Technicolor. [Old Gold cigarettes packaging graphic design flipping transitions cancer death narcotics drugs Camels smokes smoking tobacco packs Chesterfield Pall Mall fishing creels leisure recreation fish lighting couples]
Better dramatic and pictorial quality can be made to enhance a mood or effect, to put over the desired quality or atmosphere of a scene. Thus this simple little setting for a night scene creates a mood that fits the occasion. [intimacy couples lighting smoke cigarettes smoking]
Color provides the realism to foods which is so important for building appetite appeal in showing such products. Color is essential to properly picture scenes of foods. [refrigerators vegetables drawers carrots tomatoes lettuce hands cucumbers cutting boards food preparation knives salads]
The pictures of these foods and beverages assume a third dimensional roundness in color. They step out of their conventional black and white setting and become part of the tasty, wholesome, appetizing dinners we know so well. [pancakes butter pouring pitchers maple syrup sweetness sugar abundance breakfast stacks hotcakes excess mixed drinks alcohol seltzer soda water]
[roast chicken platters dinner tables table settings meat dead birds food fruit grapes]
Not only is the color of these carpets a thing of beauty, but the texture and weave of the material are easily distinguished. [rugs floor coverings red feet slippers]
Faithfulness of color reproduction is important in these glossy linoleums. Who could resist these colorful patterns? The lady knows what she wants, rich, cheery design, so vivid and alive. [floor coverings industrial design interior design legs feet high heels high-heeled shoes feet fetishism choice domination dominatrix]
Modern houses are interesting and attractive particularly with colored roofing materials such as these, which can be shown in improved detail by using Technicolor. [tiles shingles roofs geometric patterns]
A group of trained operators helps in the selection of paints, fabrics, materials and wardrobe, all aimed towards displaying a product or person - the principal object - to the very best advantage. Following through from a sketch design to the finished set, the guiding hand of this special service is an important part of obtaining the perfection of color that has become the keynote of Technicolor. [Technicolor for Industrial Films drawings sketches painting design art direction sets living rooms end titles paint mixing colors]



Reviewer: AvogadrosNumreal - - June 3, 2012
Just thought you'd like to know.
Reviewer: JayKay49 - favoritefavoritefavorite - December 16, 2011
Subject: Color Was In!
Interesting timing. Walls in circa 1950 went wild with dense very dark saturated colors. Cerulean Blue, Forest Green, Plum, and Deep Cocoa Brown were applied on the walls in our house that year. Our neighbor had black walls in the bathroom and deep crimson walls in the livingroom and this appetizing watermelon color in the kitchen. (That all changed rather suddenly about 1959 when everything went off white or pastel; colors like moon mist beige swedish blue and petal pink.)

I think this clip was aimed at companies that advertised in magazines like "Life" which still had black and white ads but wanted to sell more color ads probably to increase reader appeal.
Reviewer: bread - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - August 17, 2006
Subject: i love technicolor!
i love technicolor! some of my favourite films of all time are in technicolor.for those who dont know, technicolor was a technique to make color films used in several classic films made in the 20's, 30's, 40's and 50's."gone with the wind" was in technicolor, as was "the wizard of oz".i simply love films made in glorious technicolor, and i simply love this film. it's a little slow at some points, but "Technicolor for Industrial Films" is still a classic film well worth downloading from!
Reviewer: Spuzz - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - July 4, 2005
Subject: This is not JUST a review, but a review in the Prelinger Archives!
Interesting overview of how Technicolor could work for you! This film is one of the more amazingly preserved on this site, or maybe Technicolor doesn't fade, because this film looks amazing. When the narrator is commenting on the richness of the fabrics, he's not lying. Even on an MPEG-1 file, you can see the details. Great! I really liked the shill here, Technicolor can work wonders for your products! From linoleum to Yes! Dreft detergent! Liked the black and white and color comparisons too. One final thing, Don't JUST accept films using Technicolor, but a 'Print BY Technocolor'. There's a world of difference, (though they don't bother to explain what those differences are). Highly recommended!
Reviewer: Christine Hennig - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - December 10, 2002
Subject: Technicolor for Industrial Films
In the 1950's, people went color crazy. New technology allowed advertising and products to be made in all kinds of bright colors and consumers ate it up, which is why so much 50's stuff seems so garish today. This industrial film was made for industrial filmmakers (even they weren't exempt from watching this stuff) to try to get them to make their films in Technicolor. All kinds of brightly-colored products are shown while the narrator tells us how they can only properly be portrayed in Technicolor. Strangest moment: While the narrator talks about "family dinners we all know and love", we see the mixing of a scotch and soda. Most mstable moment: A black maid helps her white mistress get dressedÃÂÃÂin a film about color this really begs for msting! Most unbelievable moment: The claim that Technicolor reproduces fabrics so accurately that films could replace swatch books.
Ratings: Camp/Humor Value: ***. Weirdness: ***. Historical Interest: *****. Overall Rating: ****. Also available on Our Secret Century, Vol. 1: The Rainbow Is Yours.
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